Hello, My name is Frank Dent and I am a Marketing Specialist with an emphasis on Team/Project Management. I also incorporate Business Development in my skillsets knowing that with effective marketing comes new business and being able to organize that business is key.


I am a Natural Leader with the breadth of knowledge and wisdom from experiences on the employee and company owner side pertaining to Marketing and Project Management. These experiences have made me relentless in reaching my goals and completing projects successfully.

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What I do

I take ideas, and through business elements, help create or scale that idea to newly defined or predefined definitions of success. 

I help produce and scale ideas with a focus on the defined marketing for its success.

Experiencing both sides of  projects for the last 20 years gives me the ability to either play participant or manager. As a manager I know what motivates most team members so that is an added advantage.  As a team member I know the motivating factors from the management perspective so that gives me an advantage. In essence, I know the two sides of success.

Starting out as a technician, my career advanced to Management. My curiosity caused me to begin looking at what is behind the scenes, what makes the company grow and succeed. This is when I started my own company and saw how much is under the hood within a company. Payroll, Marketing, Business Development, Client Acquisition, Client Relationship Maintenance, Scalability, Human Resources, these are some of the concepts that I’ve had years learning about and experiencing success and challenges in.  All this makes me a highly intelligent team member or manager.


Marketing essentially means: You are doing something to bring attention or customers your way. Easier said than done, trust me. I have had extensive experience in all aspects of Marketing from "Boots on The Ground" to "Digital Marketing". I've learned that although I know alot, Marketing is something you must always learn because of the many changing facets its tied to.


With 10+ years with US Customs as a Project Manager plus 10+ years running my own company I've learned that Project Management is a 24 hour task. It encapsulates many areas of organization from "setting clear objectives" to "monitoring progress and performance regularly". I have dedicated my life to being succesful as a Project Manager for myself and others.

Business Development

Opening my own company gave me envaluable lessons in the world of business. I learned to: * Create and Maintain Business Relationships * Create Processes for Workflow of Projects based on defined goals * And most importantly, *To create Marketing Processes that will create a realistic Pipeline of Potential Business based on definitions of success.


Project Management
Business Development

My Experience

2014 - Present


Marketing Specialist / Business Consultant

Perform Business Development via creation of Professional and Personal relationships for short and long term objectives related to Project Management focusing on Marketing Elements for Customers and Clients via Project Life - Cycles.

2009 - 2014


Project Manager / Deployment Specialist

Lead a 75 person team of Program Managers, US Customs Directors and staff to implement program objectives for US Customs / WHTI Program for 75 + Ports of Entry. Program Value: $90M / yr.